Black Jack History and Rules

The Black Jack is a very popular card game, and in Italy it is also known as Twenty one, and it is played by challenging the bench, in practice players win if they score a higher score than the bench, as long as they do not exceed 21. teaches you how to play blackjack online.

The Black Jack was born in the 17th century in France, and among its admirers it can include figures of the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte. After arriving in the United States this fun game took the name of Black Jackand changed: if the player reached a score of 21 with an ace and a jack of spades, then a black man, from which the American name Black Jack, ten times the mail was paid. Currently the variant for this bonus has been dropped, but Black Jack’s name has remained.

Generally, to play Black Jack in the casinos, they use 6 decks of French cards, in a sabot, for a total of 312 playing cards. The ace can be 1 or 11, the figures are worth 10, while the other cards have their nominal value, regardless of seed or color.

It is very easy therefore, summing up the card values, determining the score and consequently who wins, or who approaches more than 21 without overcoming it.

It starts by pointing, the bank at this point distributes the cards from left to right, assigning each player an open card. The last lap of the tour is assigned to the bank. You then make a second round, distributing discarded cards and excluding the bank. At this point the dealer will read each player’s score, calling them to play their game. Players can ask for a card or stay. If, as stated, a player exceeds 21, the dealer will then receive his bet.

Once all the players have a definite score, the dealer will play his game, he will have to compete as a bench at least 16 but as the others will not have to exceed 21 or will be busted and will have to pay the bets on the table, Otherwise it will pay only the players who have reached a score higher than its own.

As you can see, the Black Jack is a simple game, but very entertaining, fun, and capable of winning very interesting figures. It is available in all the best online casinos, where you can play in various modes, such as the Black Jack in flash or download applications. You can also play Black Jack for free , just for fun, or pointing and then winning, real money – play blackjack 24/7 on